• Passion with Compassion
  • Drive with Determination
  • Creativity with Commitment
  • Partnership with Accountability

For over 16 years, LIFE Trust has devoted its energy to passionately provide quality education to all those not having access to it by collaborating with and complementing the government mechanism of Anganwadis and Schools.

As an NGO having positively impacted the lives of over 17 lakh people we operate in over 2000 Anganwadis, 144 MCGM schools and 17 Schools for the differently abled.

Reaching out to over 3.5 Lakh beneficiaries a year we currently run the following Programs:

  • School Development Program
  • Community Care Centre
  • Health Initiatives
  • LIFE Food Bank
  • Life Leaders
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  • To make ‘School-Chalo’ the mantra of every child in India . 



  • To partner and support the Public School System along with other agencies and like minded individuals in improving the quality of education through creative and effective programmes