All our intervention fall with the purview of Sec 135 of the Companies act 2013 and qualify for CSR donations.

Working with the SDGs in mind our programs ensure that not only will you meet your CSR goals but also achieve the larger global vision.

With one of the lowest admin costs of less than 6% we are confident that our programs are the most cost efficient and will give you the maximum reach for your donations

Payroll / Invoice  Giving:

With our heritage and track record we are sure you would like to bring in all your stake-holders to support our programs.

We could create customise solution like payroll and invoice giving for you and even create a "Rupee to rupee" program to help promote this.

We currently run one of the oldest and Most successful customer giving programs with the LIFESTYLE group in India.

Employee Engagement:

We always welcome a helping hand, and would love to have your teams work with us in our programs. we provide with ample opportunity to volunteer and interact with the beneficieries.