Sevikas (Teachers) and Maditinis (Helpers) in Anganwadis are the true lifeblood of the government healthcare centres, across villages in India. These public servants are the pillars on which the Anganwadi model is run, working tirelessly year-round organising activities and social awareness programmes, and providing education on health, nutrition, family planning to children and their families. Yet, these teachers and their helpers are typically women from poor families themselves, with limited means and little done for them.

With this understanding, we conduct comprehensive health check-ups designed specifically for Anganwadi employees, to safeguard their health and livelihood, with the added benefit of ensuring better health and learning outcomes for the children under their care.

We work in partnership with L&T to conduct an array of screenings including

  • blood tests
  • Complete blood count
  • Chest and abdomen X-rays 
  • Gynaecology check-ups and consultations
  • Eye tests.
  • Blood Sugar -Pre and post
  • Basic health check up and consultation

LIFE Trust and L&T have so far screened over 600 Sevikas and Maditinis this year