At LIFE Trust,

We believe that education is the greatest leveler in society and our key objective has been to motivate children to complete their secondary schooling.

We work to reduce dropout rates, improve results and increase aspirations among children from disadvantaged sections of the society by identifying and addressing loopholes in the public education system.

16 years ago, LIFE Trust embarked on this journey with a view to get children back to school. Today, LIFE Trust has exceeded its vision and scaled its activities to include partnerships with orphanages and observation homes, skills development of women, and women empowerment.

Today, we are the largest educational partner of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and pioneers in the area of women empowerment in Maharashtra.

LIFE Trust works in partnership with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai to improve the quality of learning in the municipal school classroom. The children in these schools have a low attention span and lose interest quickly. LIFE Trust seeks to remedy this by adopting innovative teaching methods and introducing technology into the classroom.

At the pre-school level, LIFE Trust works in partnership with the Integrated Child Development Scheme and currently monitors over 2000 Anganwadis in the slums of Mumbai. Teacher Training programmes are conducted for Anganwadi Sevikas to enable them to create a stimulating learning environment for the children of the community.