The Indian government is the largest service provider in the education sector, upholding the Constitution’s mandate of free education as a fundamental right to children between the ages of 6 and 14. Not only does it come at no cost, Municipal schools also provide free items, including school uniforms, books and raincoats.

Despite this, there are many who continue to enrol their children in fee-paying private schools, creating financial burdens for their families, or choose to not send their children to school at all. This is because Municipal schools are typically not considered to have great reputations when it comes to the quality of education.

The government is working hard to improve the standard of learning and teaching, and we work closely with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)–also known as the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM)–to support these endeavours.

We’ve partnered with ten Municipal Secondary schools, and engage with another 134 schools–through a series of interventions that include: identifying and providing new technologies and innovative teaching methods; running extra-curricular activities as well as life-skills education programmes; and by coaching parents and teachers whom inform the larger ecosystem of a student’s wellbeing.

Our Interventions Include-

  • Life Classroom :

Our Life Educators hold supplementary classes on various subjects including English, Maths and IT, working with Municipal school teachers, digitising classrooms and providing support content to reinforce and enhance teaching methods, student interaction and improve the overall results achieved.

  • Life Counselling: 

Our Life Counsellors work within the Municipal education system to meet the needs of students in advocating their academic and career development as well as personal and social success.
We work with children to build their individual planning strategies, motivate and enhance their academic achievements and administer Differential Aptitude Tests to identify and build on their college readiness and career path.

Extra Curricular activities

Yoga is a highly effective tool to promote mindfulness and build confidence, with a positive impact on concentration and working memory. Schools practicing yoga have reported that students demonstrated an increase in their achievements, improvements in their social and emotion skills and a decrease in classrooms misbehaviour.
We run yoga classes at schools to provide students with these crucial life skills, and as a new way to nurture their own wellbeing.

Not only is karate a fun way to for children to achieve fitness and focus, it also teaches self-discipline and socialisation skills. The respect instilled in martial arts is also considered an important benefit helping to improve behaviour and even grades, according to recent research.
We run karate classes at schools to foster confidence and self-esteem in students, in an active and productive manner.

Life Skills
Life skills-based education compliments the traditional academic curriculum to enhance the overall quality of education. It builds positive behaviours in young people whilst resulting in improved educational outcomes. Our workshops cover a range of topics including Values Education (Respect, Integrity, Responsibility etc.), Health & Hygiene, Effective Study Habits and Conversational English.