India has the largest number of orphans and vulnerable children in the world, estimated at over 30 million. Orphaned children are greatly in need of care and protection, being among the most susceptible to poverty, child labour and child trafficking. Orphanages across India work to provide stable and nurturing environments for children.

Roshni (meaning ‘light’ in Hindi) is an initiative developed to support and enhance the lives of children living in orphanages and rescue homes in Mumbai. We work to empower these children through education and the opportunity for a promising future.

Drawing from our programmes in anganwadis and municipal schools, we focus our efforts on improving the quality of teaching methods and offering teacher guidance, providing additional support classes in various academic subjects and Life-Skills, and by offering extra-curricular activities such as yoga and karate.

We also organise special events and cultural celebrations for the orphans to boost morale and foster inclusion, with activities including music, dance, magic and talent shows.